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introduction: i am an adult male who was unfortunately cursed to live in north america. i hate america, i hate americans, and every bad thing that happens to them is karma. i hope that will weed out all of the weird creepily patriotic white supremacists on this site. i'm generally happy in life but retarded shit that people do pisses me off! email me at if you wanna bitch at me or rant about shit that you hate and we'll have a conversation

22/06/12. emo as fuck

not feeling well at all. past few days have been shitty but i've been slowly getting good news back again. i've been genuinely depressed that I live in america as retarded as that sounds. i have nobody to talk to about it because i have to hide it like it's an std with my real life friends and pretend to be from some other country to my online friends. i know that's something a 17 year old girl would do, but this has been eating away at me for a while. why was i born in such an evil fucking place man. why did i have to be randomly auto-generated to live amoung absolute fucking retards. i love making fun of american pieces of shit with my online friends but when i go to sleep at night my mind reminds me that it includes me as well. this has really been fucking with me and i have no one to talk to about it. i'm not mentally ill or even chronically depressed, i'm a happy guy, but this is the biggest insecurity that i have and nothing seems to help remedy it. i've lied on my irl information when filling it out just by instinct, putting my country as canada or the united kingdom just out of motor memory, and gotten in shit for it. i love my family man, and i do believe in God, but i just try so hard not to just fucking hate every single american walking on this fucking planet. i'm so ashamed man, i feel fucking horrible every time i remind myself where i was cursed to live. i hate myself dude. shit is fucked up. and i don't want to talk to some faggy bitch ass therapist either because they're going to give me the run around and 'umm just embrace it also heres some adderal that will be 900 dollars' fucking joke of a system. i have friends, i have family, i have people, but yet i have no one to admit this to. writing these gay little blogs helps me feel better though. - j


22/5/28. americans are EVIL!

i hate even typing the word 'america' or 'americans', seriously, it's gotten to that point man. i've been legitimately short-termed depressed that i was born in such a fucked up, evil country like this. i apologize to anybody that's reading from any other country. americans will do anything in their fucking power to make anything go wrong so they can play politics and fix the shit that they had broken on purpose. for example, guns, what the fuck is going on with that dude?? are there actually that many people that don't support background checks on guns and shit?? are there people that are so fucking legitmatelly terrified someone will kill them at any moment they have to have a gun?? i swear no other country is like this, could you imagine carrying a gun around on you at all times?? that wouldn't even be a possibility in most countries, it's just so mind-boggling to imagine, but sure enough in the "greatest country on earth" there's these fuckheads that are so braindead they feel the need to get more children and innocent people killed by not wanting gun control because they're so afraid of anybody telling them they're irresponsible pieces of shit. why is this even a problem in the first place?? why are there people shooting up elementary schools?? i'll tell you why man, these 'mass shooter' retards are genuinely mentally retarded people, genuine retards! i'm being genuine, most of them are, without a doubt, actual window licking no-pussy-getting retards. "oh my goddd theyre so smart they planned it so perfectly" noo fucking wayy they must have been so smart just looking at a location and telling where people would be so they could randomly kill them, this isn't a thing most people say but i just thought i'd throw that in there. . anyways, why do they kill random groups of people? they turn on the news, and see DAYS AND DAYS AND DAYS worth of this awful terrible news of random people being killed and they throw the picture up of the shooter and show him to everyone. and a little lightbulb goes off in their heads. "if i'm suicidal, and this guy's getting all of the attention and his own wikipedia page and hours of news reporting with his picture and his beliefs by the american media, why can't i just die by cop and get a little fame while i'm killing myself?" that's the mindset of these fucking guys because the media fuels that so much, they know that's what gets the views desptite REAL, ACTUAL people being killed randomly and getting these already braindead americans terrified they're going to die at any minute, while giving other freaks ideas on how to kill themselves and be famous at the same time. turn on the news right now (if you're an american, which, why are you reading this if you are? i don't want any americans reading my posts lol) and you'll see "oh my godd, 9000 kittens dead in horrific atomic bombing in times square, four million babies killed in arson fire, 6 million jews killed again, but this time in america" and all of this crazy horrific shit they can scramble together from the entire 250 million or whatever people and states in this country. could you imagine that happening in somewhere else?? imagine of sweden did the same, just constantly pounding it in their heads that they're going to die and that their families are going to be gunned down, and THEN giving them all of the guns they could imagine and refusing to ban them, what do you think would happen? they'd be the same as how americans are. good thing though, fortunately, swedish people are good, rational, polite people and aren't fooled by any of that. meanwhile, in america, these politicians and dipshit rednecks who they pretend are the entire country are fighting to keep MILLITARY SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES at their disposals just in case the government is after them. do you think you're going to take down the united states government with an ar-15? are you mentally ill?? you're going to keep it around and be a scared little faggot and let children and random people die so you can pretend to sleep well at night. is that ar-15 going to protect you when you've been stabbed? or shot first? thats such a pathetic argument. this happens in NO other country but america, americans are evil, disgusting people and i'd love to see this country wiped off of the face of the earth and taken over by uhh.. i don't know.. bring england back! take america over! english people are amazing! just beat the shit out of anybody doing those gay 'bri-ish' memes, too, while you're at it. americans that make fun of british people are secretly immensily insecure about the fat, suicidal, and terrified country they live in. anyways, that was awesome and badass and i'm glad i wrote it. im done though -j.


22/5/28. internet people suck ass now

internet people suck ass now dude, i can't stand people on the internet now. it's either these fucking faggots that spread stupid meme shit everywhere or it's just ordinary lame ass people with nothing cool about them. but the ones i'd like to focus on are the ones spreading these gay ass memes all of the time. you're a fucking loser, get a sense of humour bitch i don't give a fuck about ur gay ass communist doge shit. everything has to be ironic now man, you can't actually like anything unless it's super ironic, people are scared to like shit becuase they've afraid their faggot ass discord friends are going to call them 'cringe' or some shit. it's the weirdest thing i've ever seen in my ife. you can't like anime or anything but if you do you have to do the whole ironic 'weeb' shit in order to do so, and it has to be the most popular anime out there dude, you cannot like anything older than 3 years or anything that isn't one piece or dragonball or naruto or whatever weirdo gay shit those people like. shut the fuck up dumbass i don't give a single fuck about whatever niche thing you find funny don't shove it in my fucking face and force feed it to me and cry about it when i don't like it, you're a fucking fatass loser. i can't stand that shit dude, gayest shit ever. also, all of these companies and political agendas based on memes and spreading through young people like that, you know what, i don't give a fuck if you don't follow my sentence structure, i'm retarded dude, i make weird sentence structure and i don't give a fuck if you can't understand what i'm saying, i know what i'm saying. i don't say 'im retarded' in some self-deprecating gay way, i'm just saying i get a little retarded sometimes like we all do. anyways, all of these meme faggot 15 year olds are gettng brainwashed by this gay ass meme cult shit to the point in which it makes them racist or super liberal trans and all of that shit. i'm so sick of that weirdo shit dude, especially when it blends into real life and people you know in real life do that gay ass meme shit to you. what am i supposed to say? 'i dont find this funny fuck off?' you have to laugh at that weird shit or YOU are the weirdo, i don't understand it man, i don't understand young people nowadays man, they just get off on half-assed trolling and these weird abstract meme shit. for instance, they've turned trollface into some ironic 'schizo' bullshit, what does that mean dude!? is the joke going over my head!? that doesn't make any damn sense, start making sense and being funny and appeal to everyone or i'll knock your fucking teeth in faggot. that made me feel a lot better.. im gonna write more of these.. this is fun :D - j.